Chamber Overview

The chamber is an electromagnetically-quiet room that allows for the characterization of antennas, radars, and other radio frequency (RF) emitters, as well as the testing of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in electronics. Measuring 15-feet by 35-feet by 15-feet, the chamber is also large enough to facilitate newly developed radar platforms such as the Center's uninhabited aircraft system (UAS). The anechoic chamber is housed in KU's Measurement Materials and Sustainable Environment Center (M2SEC), custom-designed to accommodate the chamber and to ensure effective integration of research and testing with education and training.

Image looking into the chamber from one of the chamber doors. It shows the solid platform for placing the items to test and the blue anechoic foam on the walls and floors
Interior of the Anechoic Chamber

Electromagnetic Anechoic Chamber

  • Emulates a “free space” environment for testing
  • Provides an electromagnetically quiet environment for measuring the radiating properties of a device-under-test
    1. Enclosed by an external metallic shielding to provide isolation from the outside environment
    2. Interior lined with radio frequency/microwave absorbers and ferrite tiles to minimize unwanted multiple internal signal reflections inside the chamber
  • Applications include:
    1. Characterization of intentional radiators or the scattering of electromagnetic energy, such as antenna radiation patterns and radar cross section (RCS) measurements
    2. Determining the level of radiation/noise from unintentional radiators (e.g. electromagnetic interference (EMI) measurement for digital devices/systems)
    3. Determining the level of immunity of an electronic device/system when exposed to ambient electromagnetic signal
Wideangle view of the chamber with a small uav, wingspan of 17 feet, mounted on the turntable of the chamber. Yellow text reads Screenshot from CCTV installed inside the chamber


  • Electromagnetic measurement and characterization from 30 MHz to 18 GHz

  • 10 m measurement range

  • Biggest anechoic chamber within ~500 miles in the area

  • Capable of accommodating UAS of up to 1,100 lbs

  • ~100 dB shielding from external environment

Potential Applications

  • Antenna performance characterization

  • EMI/EMC measurement

  • Radar cross section study

  • Others…